Your builder will offer either site finished or factory finished cabinets.

Site Finished – are built and installed with raw wood (Mahogany, Maple, Oak, Ashe and Cherry are the most common wood species) and then stained or painted at the home site.

Pre-Finished Cabinets – are available in many types of wood such as Oak, Maple, and Cherry. This type of cabinet is completely finished in a quality controlled factory environment and is considered complete when installed in your home.

Your design consultant will help you find a color and wood species that works in your décor and budget.

Cabinet Options
*Your builder offers wide variety of cabinet options, but may not offer all of the options mentioned here. Talk to your design consultant to see what type of cabinet options your builder offers.

There are many different cabinet options to consider that will help your cabinets better fit your lifestyle. Be sure to ask your consultant about some of these options that interest you.

Cabinet Height – Upper cabinet heights generally have three categories: 30”, 42”, or cascading - a mixture of 36” uppers and 42” uppers. Talk to your design consultant about what height will be best for your household and budget.

Glass Door Inserts – This option adds real elegance to your kitchen and allows you to show off your dishware.

Pot and Pan Drawers – these are large deep drawer that create easy access to large pots, saucepans, and skillets.

Pull Out Shelving – provides easy access to stored items like baking and casserole dishes.

Tray Dividers – keep your cutting boards, serving trays and cookie sheets organized.

Appliance Garages – allow you to keep your most used appliances like toasters and stand mixers with in easy reach but out of sight so your countertops do not appear cluttered.

Cabinet Feet – The most common type of foot is the ball and claw, but there are many other styles of “feet” options in lieu of the standard toe kick that give your cabinets a classic furniture look whether your style is traditional or modern.

Cabinet Crown Molding and Decorative Corners – are another way to dress up your cabinets and help turn function into true beauty.

Decorative Shelving – on the kitchen island provide a perfect place to keep cook books and other decorations.

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