How much is this going to cost?

Consultant’s Time
Your builder has provided you with a determined amount of time with a professional design consultant at no additional cost to you.

Any time after your first appointment, should you feel you need additional time, visit with your consultant about unassisted browsing time between appointments or purchasing additional appointments with your consultant.

Getting a feel for where you want the final sales price of your home will help you develop a budget of how much you want to spend at the design center. Communicating your budget to your design consultant is important, as it will allow her to ensure your home is beautiful but attainable in price.

Your consultant will give you pricing information in your first appointment of the items that interest you. Due to the wide variety of options builders provide, however; not all options will be pre-priced and your consultant may need to submit a price request to your builder and the price will be given to you at your next appointment.

You may want to revisit your builder’s deposit policy on upgraded option choices. You builder has requested that Builders Design Group collect this sum at your last design appointment. Your consultant will be able to prepare you for the deposit amount during and between your appointments. Deposits are collected in the form of a Personal Check or Money Order made out to your builder. No cash or credit cards are accepted. *

*General deposit policy. Your consultant will know your builder’s specific deposit policies and procedures for collecting the deposit.

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