How to Prepare

• Visit our “Start Thinking Worksheet so you will be familiar with decisions to be made in your appointment.

• Be inspired and bring that inspiration with you. Whether it is pictures from a magazine, paint chips or fabrics these are valuable tools to you and your consultant in determining color and design trends that will appeal to you.

• Pick up a special notebook to write down questions before meeting your consultant and to make notes during your appointment.

• Make a list of important products and areas of your home (please also visit our Product Knowledge page to learn more about which products will work best for you). After your first appointment you will be able to divide this list into Needs, Wants, and, if I win the Lottery categories. This will enable you and your consultant to prioritize selections and maximize your time at the design center.

• Feel free to bring a camera so that you may take pictures of your selections to have a visual reference when reviewing notes from the design center.

• Know your builder’s deposit policy on upgrades. Also, know how much of a deposit you are comfortable making, and then communicate this with your consultant so she can help you stay with in your budget.

• While children are a source of curiosity and amazement, they also demand your full attention and make it difficult to focus on this important step of creating your home. If you have small children, determine a time to come when you can utilize a friend or babysitter to keep your little ones. This will allow not only you, but also other homebuyer’s quiet time to focus on the job ahead. When this is not possible bring some quiet entertainment with them to occupy their time while here, as there is not a playroom.

• Schedule enough travel time to arrive a few minutes early to sit down and relax before the fun begins.

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